Children are cared for across four age dependant rooms in the nursery.

This gives your child the opportunity to thrive and flourish in peer groups, and have access to activities and learning experiences appropriate for their age and stage of development. We follow the ‘Communication Friendly Spaces’ approach in both our indoor and outdoor environment and this is reflected throughout the building in the use of organic colours, natural materials and resources. The nursery rooms are divided into the following age groups;

Baby rooms 0-2 Caterpillars and Butterflies

Toddler room 2-3 Squirrels

Pre-school room 3-5  Owls and Badgers


Children enjoy healthy, balanced nutritional meals using fresh fruits and vegetables daily along with good quality meat, fish and vegetarian dishes prepared by our own chef. Special dietary requirements are catered for. We follow  a three week menu plan that is revised termly.

Oaks nursery week 1 menu

Oaks nursery week 2 menu

Oaks nursery week 3 menu


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is a statutory document outlining the welfare requirements and learning and development experiences for all children under five, against which all registered settings are inspected. Your child’s key person will use this documentation to record, plan and assess your child’s learning and development whilst in the nursery. We use ‘sing & sign’ throughout the nursery and have dvd’s to loan our parents to learn and practice at home.

Parents’ guide to the foundation stage 




Our nursery was last inspected in July 2014 and we received a ‘Good’ rating.  The nursery team are very proud to have received so many positive comments- particularly referring to our partnership with parents, and staff/child interactions.

Parents speak highly of the setting. They comment on how the setting provides ‘a homely environment’ and ‘they feel part of a second family, as together they share children’s developments and make precious memories’.

“Staff are good role models and children mirror their language and their behaviour. As a result, children’s social skills are developing at a good rate, they behave well and are extremely polite”.

Read the full report below:

EY474864 Inspection report August 2017